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Jane Folgeman Real Estate, Inc. is a Boutique Realty specializing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Our entire focus is on educating and delighting our Customers and Clients so that they are empowered to make informed decisions when navigating the often tricky world of the Jackson Hole housing and investment marketplace.

Jane has over 35 years’ experience on Jackson, helping thousands of Buyers and Sellers reach their goals. Her Sales Associates are top notch and highly skilled in all aspects of Real Estate Service. You will have our full attention and the benefit of our deep knowledge at your disposal. We love what we do.

I have known Jane for many years……She is a very impressive and creative professional. Has a wonderful combination of clear values, commitment to delivering results along with a very innovative approach to problem solving. And perhaps most importantly—what you see is what you get. There are many people who make a very positive impression, only to disappoint later on. That isn’t true of Jane—you will like the results.

Jane did a wonderful job selling my house.  Whenever something popped up that I perceived to be a problem, Jane handled it with grace.  With her years of experience, she has seen it all before, so she knew how to handle it.  It ended up being a positive experience for me.  I want to thank her and her crew for the wonderful job they did.

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Jane represented/SOLD! Two homes that I built/remodeled in Teton Valley, Idaho. So my first-hand experience with her Real Estate Broker talents is first hand and unequivocally pure professional.

My other experience’s with Jane as a 34 Year friend in Sun Valley, New York, Jackson Hole and various places in between has always been one of respect, dedication and true generosity. I am extremely fortunate to have has her as a business partner and a most trustworthy friend! She is very articulate, very well educated and truly one of the finest individuals I have ever had the opportunity to know.

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